About the Snap Mobile®


Snap Mobile is an award-winning, patented design produced exclusively by Promo Print Solutions. The Snap Mobile ships flat and sets up in a snap!

Really, it’s that easy!

Whether you need a direct mail piece, point-of-sale marketing material or a 3D promotional product, Snap Mobile is the best choice for easy shipping and simple set up.

Quite literally, Snap Mobile POS products “snap” together from a flat piece to a 3-dimensional eye-catcher. These innovative promotional products can be most any size and shape, and they create amazing optical illusions to attract attention to your products or services. Additionally, these products engage your clients, which improves branding and maximizes the reach of your marketing efforts.

The possibilities are endless …

Customize the size of your Snap Mobile® promotional piece.

Send small items to your clients or set up a larger display at a trade show or shop. The possibilities are endless!

Include panels, pop-outs and bins to hold or display product samples.

Not only are Snap Mobile displays sleek and simple, they can also be used for any promotional activity you can imagine.

The custom design is viewable from 360 degrees and can virtually take any shape.

Set it up to be viewed from all angles—perfect for tables, large rooms and just about any other situation.

Add lights or motion to really attract and engage your audience.

If you’re looking for a unique but simple promotional product, we can tailor the Snap Mobile to any business and any product.

Brochure and direct mail

Case stacker display

Ceiling dangler

Cooler decal

Merchandiser counter display

Merchandiser floor display

Pole topper

Product holder

Shelf dangler

Table tent

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